Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems and More.

    MedPoint Diagnostics is a leader in excellence for the manufacturing of Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems and More. We specialize in the design and development of unique diabetes self-testing products that feature the latest technologies and innovative solutions for healthcare providers. Contact us today to find out more about the solutions we offer. Read More    

    Our Services:

      Full Product Line Strategy

      Provide customers with comprehensive home care aids in order to meet the one-stop shopping demands of customers. Read More

      Quick Response Strategy

      Direct distribution to national locations to quickly meet the manufacturing and order demand of its customers by shortening transportation time and thereby enhance market competitiveness. Read More

      Branding Management Strategy

      Enforce the best practice for doing the right thing the first time and to reproduce the successful experience nationwide, in order to accumulate brand value. Read More

      Our Expertise includes Support

      MedPoint Diagnostics not only provides cutting-edge technology, but also supports their services with vertical integrated systems. Read More


      Glucose Meters: Cutting edge technology to deliver simple, accurate results.
      Test Strips: Superior testing strips ensure accuracy and precision.
      Lancets: Virtually pain-free testing. Accurate penetration and greater comfort.
      Lancing Devices: Quality and accuracy. Virtually pain-free.

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